We desire to reach the sky,
yet adhere truly to our roots.

About Us

ShariCard is a Fintech startup company committed to to support social transformation through business model innovation and the imaginative use of technology.

We are partnering with blockchain and credit card industry leaders developing a next generation, Sharia compliant, credit card product that people will love to own. 

Addressable Market (The US, Canada, and Worldwide)

low cost

high reward

islamic compliant


AI-based, blockchain-enabled, multi-layered, and Sharia compliant reward

High Value Reward

The integration of self financing and blockchain reward will enhance a robust and nimble cost-saving effect. Thus, enable us to offer a highly competitive reward.

Sharia Compliant

As no third-party funding is involved, we will be able to eliminate all the issues related to interest charges.

Easy Approval

The self-financing approach shifts financial risk away from our operation. Thus, enables us to offer easily approved cards with high credit limit.

Management Team

Leo Lee, the founder of ShariCard, is an enthusiastic financial product developer who is committed to supporting social transformation through entrepreneurship and the imaginative use of technology. He is currently working on several initiatives in the financial technology space aiming to disrupt the traditional financial system. Leo Lee has always had the vision to build a self-financed banking platform where account holders can reap the benefits of their own hard-earned savings.

Credit Card 2.0

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